Chris Willmott is a composer, audio engineer, producer, mixer, musician, designer and web developer.

Willmott is an active engineer in the film, radio, and television market.  Having previously worked at the Chicago Recording Company as an assistant post-production engineer, he has since co-founded record label and management company Send & Receive Records along with Department 4, a multimedia production company.

Willmott's sound design and audio engineering work has been premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, Palm Springs Film Festival, as well as various major national and international film releases. His post-production work can be seen and heard in major national and international ad campaigns (DRAFT/FCB, M&C Saatchi, Legendary Pictures, Leo Burnett, Apple, Nestle). Willmott's guitar playing and musical performances has also been featured on scores for international film releases and feature length films.

His work as a composer has explored themes of minimalism and modern rock music, composing pieces for 10.1 surround sound, Max/MSP, Raspberry Pi micro computers and various contemporary ensembles.

Willmott has studied closely with composers Mark Trayle, Marcus Schmickler, Michael Pisaro, Michael Fink, Tim Perkis, and Scott Cazan.

Chris also owns and operates a recording studio in downtown Los Angeles where he writes, produces, and mixes music and post production projects for film, television and radio.

Alongside Willmott's work in the audio and production world, he also works as a web and print designer and developer.  He has worked with companies like Solid & Striped, Dream Collective, Holl-NYC and A-Moay, to design and construct information service applications, infrastructure applications and front end user experiences for desktop and mobile platforms.